A cream charger is a steel cylinder filled with nitrous oxide

A cream charger is a steel cylinder filled with nitrous oxide, which is used as a whipping agent in a whipped cream dispenser. The foil covering must be broken to release the gas. Typically, this is done with a sharp pin placed inside the dispenser. Afterwards, the whipped cream will begin to swell and foam, and the charger is ready to use.


Made in Australia, SSES Cream Chargers are designed and engineered to the highest standards. Made from 100% recyclable steel, they are resistant to rust and are filled with pure Nitrous Oxide gas for smooth, creamy whipped cream. They are compatible with standard 8g fittings. They are also guaranteed not to produce an oily residue or industrial aftertaste.

SSES Delivery is one of the leading cream charger delivery services in Australia. They provide same day delivery and carry all the top cream charger brands. They offer cheap prices and fast delivery. To make ordering easy, simply fill out a simple form and an SSES courier will deliver your whipped cream chargers within 15 to 30 minutes.

Cream Chargers have a long list of loyal customers who have given the store glowing reviews. They offer a wide variety of top brands and have high-quality models. They have received a number of high-end awards, including a Consumer Choice Award for Outstanding Service. And with more than three decades of experience, they are committed to providing excellent customer service.


N2O cream chargers are cylinder-shaped, air-tight containers that can whip cream for hot or cold drinks. The chargers can also infuse solid flavours into liquids in a matter of minutes, a process that would normally take weeks. With this technology, you can make delicious, rich, vegan whipped cream in a snap.

These devices are used in restaurants to improve the cream volume and flavor. They work by dissolving nitrous oxide, a colorless, odorless gas. When dissolved in liquid cream, the gas expands, causing the cream to be whipped. TheĀ https://nangsta.com.au whipped cream is then preserved for up to a week!

Cream chargers are legal as long as they are used for legitimate purposes. They can whip fresh cream, infuse liquids, and even serve as a food preservative. But, they should not be consumed for their psychoactive properties. While they are not considered illegal, it is important to know that some people might use them to inflate balloons, which is dangerous.

N2O cream chargers are easy to obtain and inexpensive. They contain enough nitrous oxide to double the volume of cream. They are also compatible with electric mixers.

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