A range of power storage solutions

GTK Marine Power is an in-house product line that offers a variety of high quality batteries and energy storage products. These include a range of VRLA and hybrid battery technologies, backed up by a complete line of power supply units and chargers.

Our display portfolio

We offer a wide range of standard and custom TFT displays to suit applications in both indoor and outdoor environments, with the latest technology for sunlight readability. For example, we can offer optical bonding for increased performance and reduced heat dissipation in harsh environments, as well as a number of other display technologies such as flexible printed circuits (FPC) and capacitive touch screens.

Our battery selection

We work closely with the Furukawa Battery Company of Japan to ensure that we can supply a variety of battery solutions from high quality, long life VRLA and hybrid batteries. These can be supplied as part of a renewable energy solution or stand-alone units and come in a variety of sizes and capacities.

Our power management systems

We have a comprehensive power management system that can provide all of the necessary control and monitoring features for our customers. The system is based on a highly secure server with multiple RS485 ports and features the ability to communicate through a variety of protocols.

Our power distribution panels

GTK’s power distribution panels are designed for easy installation and simple integration into existing electrical infrastructure, with a variety of configurations available. They are suitable for use on board or offshore vessels and can be integrated into our complete solar, wind and wave energy systems.

Our XMR sensors

As well as providing real-time process data, GTK’s XMR gtkmarinepower.com sensors also offer advanced diagnostic features for monitoring and control. They can perform several tests simultaneously and, once triggered, can provide a detailed analysis of the results in seconds.

Our XMR sensors are used in a wide range of applications, including the measurement of solids concentration and slurry flow rates in the flotation circuit. They are particularly suited for pilot plant studies because they offer a fast and accurate response, as well as being very cost-effective.

The customer portal

Our customer portal is a digital service offered to customers at the start of their project that allows them to check out a list of standardized services that can be tailored to their needs. The portal will provide them with an overview of the most important aspects of their project, ranging from preliminary tests results to descriptions of the overall project.

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