Advantages of Wire Shelving

When considering a storage solution for an industrial or commercial facility, wire shelving is often a popular choice. It’s an easy, cost-effective, and flexible option that has a wide variety of uses. It also helps meet specific requirements for storage environments. For example, it’s more resistant to humidity and temperature changes than wooden shelves, which can warp or swell. It also provides greater visibility of shelf contents and is less likely to retain airborne dust particles.

Generally, Wire shelving is constructed from steel posts or uprights and sturdy wire reinforced shelves. The support wires are horizontally running and overlaid with front-to-back mat wires that form a mesh pattern. This provides the stability and strength to hold a large amount of product on each shelf. For more heavy-duty options, heavier steel gauges, double rivet reinforcing, or thicker upright posts can be used.

The open-grid design of wire shelving allows for better visibility of stored items, which improves workflow and inventory management. Additionally, it can be stacked vertically to maximize space in tight or crowded facilities. This allows businesses to maximize floor space while reducing the need for aisles and walkways.

Another advantage of wire shelving is its easy maintenance. Its open structure is easier to wipe down than wood or solid-surface shelving, removing dirt and spills quickly. It is also less susceptible to moisture damage, extending its lifespan. In addition, a wide variety of finishes are available, including corrosion and rust-resistant coatings as well as finishes that are FDA food-grade approved.

As an additional bonus, wire shelving is environmentally friendly as it’s usually made from a single type of metal. This eliminates the need for extra plastic components that can cause environmental damage, as well as allows for recycling of the scrap metal.

It’s also an attractive option for a variety of applications because it is easily adjustable. Many wire shelving units offer adjustable shelves that can be repositioned to accommodate different sized products, and a number of accessories like bin storage, hooks, and dividers allow for further flexibility.

In addition, many companies offer custom wire shelving projects to suit unique storage needs. For example, they can provide a customized shelving system to meet cold storage requirements, or one that is biohazard resistant or designed to support fire sprinkler access. Other options for customization include custom wire-reinforced decking and a variety of lining materials to ensure product safety, such as translucent or decorative PVC liners.

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