Divorce Lawyers – Why You Should Choose an Uncontested Divorce

If you want to get a divorce quickly and cheaply, you may want to choose an uncontested divorce. These are usually less expensive and take less time to complete, and they often protect one spouse from financial ruin. However, you should be aware that these divorces are not without their risks. Read on to learn why you should choose an uncontested divorce over a contested one. Hopefully, you’ll be able to decide which option best suits your needs.

Uncontested divorces are easier to get than contested divorces

An uncontested divorce is an easy way to end your marriage divorce lawyers in durban without a bitter fight. In uncontested divorces, both spouses agree on the terms of the divorce settlement. This means that there are no disputes about child custody, spousal support, and property division. The couple can use forms or get help from a lawyer to make the agreement official. The judge will then sign off on the terms of the settlement. The process can also be faster since there is less paperwork to go through.

They are less expensive

Divorce lawyers are usually less expensive if they do not take on complicated issues, such as child custody and visitation schedules. Regardless of whether the divorce is amicable or not, child custody is an area that requires competent representation. A judge will decide who will have custody of the children, who will make the major decisions regarding the children’s education and medical care, and how visitation is to be arranged for the noncustodial parent. If a spouse does not hire a divorce attorney, they are taking a huge risk with the welfare of their children.

They take less time

Having a divorce lawyer takes less time than handling a case without one. The number of hours a divorce lawyer spends on a case is largely dependent on how complex the case is and whether the parties can reach a settlement. Although attorneys can charge thousands of dollars for a divorce, they usually bill a fraction of that amount. Most attorneys will provide a monthly statement containing an itemized list of work completed and the remaining amount in a retainer.

They can protect a spouse from debt

There are many ways to protect yourself from a spouse’s debt after a divorce. One way to do this is to draw up a postnuptial or separation agreement. These agreements can help you protect your credit and ensure that all debts remain separate property. Both parties will need separate lawyers to draft these agreements.

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