Home Automation Auckland – What You Need to Know

Home Automation Auckland can be a powerful and attractive technology solution. It can make your life easier by controlling your lights, heating and cooling systems, audio visual and security systems with the push of a button. It can also save you money on your energy bills and even help keep your family safe with system that can shut off water if a pipe bursts or alert you if your home is breached.

With the right system you can automate just about any aspect of your home and office. The best thing to do is think about what you want your smart home to do for you and then decide which devices will add the most value to you in that particular situation. A lot of the time people are tempted to get home automation systems that have a wide range of options and features but they will only be worth it if they will provide real practical value to your lifestyle.

The simplest way to start with home automation is by integrating your existing lighting and other electrical devices into a control platform that will allow you to manage them from anywhere in the world using a mobile app on your phone. This means you can turn on your lights before you arrive at the house and switch off the lights when you are leaving again, control your air conditioning from the comfort of your car on a hot day, or even save money by setting a schedule to use less power while you are away on holiday.

There are many home automation companies Home Automation Auckland in Auckland who can assist you with your needs but you need to ensure they have a certified electrician who can design and install your system correctly. A qualified and experienced electrician can offer you a full design service including a detailed schematic drawing of your structured cabling layout, rack positioning, lighting panel sizing and any other aspects that will influence the installation and long term support of the system. This can be particularly important if you plan to upgrade or expand your system in the future.

Home Automation Auckland

The most popular form of Home Automation in NZ is a central Control4 platform that will integrate all your smart electrical devices, making it easy to control everything from your lights and blinds to your heat pumps and even the audio visual system in your lounge. Smart Lighting is an entry level aspect of home automation, with most large retail chains such as Mitre 10 and Bunnings stocking wifi-enabled light bulbs that you can install at home. A smart lighting system will not only let you switch the lights on and off but set a sleep mode, a party mode that switches up your lights and starts playing music or an ‘Entertaining’ mode to impress guests with automatically switched on garden lighting, dimmed dining room downlights and your favourite Spotify playlist.

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