How to Find Affordable Boom Lift Hire

If you’re tackling construction or maintenance jobs in high, difficult to reach places, then you’ll need a reliable piece of equipment to help you get the job done. A affordable boom lift hire is an affordable alternative to scaffolding, helping you complete the work in less time and with greater safety.

Also known as cherry pickers, man lifts, or boom forklifts, a boom lift is an aerial work platform that attaches to a truck or other vehicle to lift workers and materials into hard-to-reach spaces. They are typically powered by hydraulic systems and use a jointed crane arm to lift the platform into place. The arm extension is either articulating or telescopic, with articulating models offering greater flexibility in reaching difficult angles and telescopic models providing a greater maximum reach.

There are both gas-powered and electric boom lifts, with some models having a narrow turning radius to help you maneuver in tight spaces. If you’re looking for an affordable boom lift, it’s important to talk to suppliers and compare rates in your area. Rates vary depending on the type of lift, its height, and whether it’s a single- or dual-fuel machine.

When you call for quotes, make sure to provide the supplier with as much information about your job as possible. This will allow them to recommend the right lift for your needs and help you avoid overspending or wasting money on a lift that won’t perform well in difficult terrain or weather conditions. You should also ask about delivery and any add-on equipment you need. Some companies charge a separate delivery fee, while others include it in the overall rental price.

Once you’ve chosen the best boom lift rental for your business, review the terms of the contract carefully. The supplier should explain the insurance coverage that comes with your purchase and any extras you can add to your lease or rental agreement, such as tools and attachments, GPS tracking, and technical support. It’s also important to understand your liability insurance options and what happens if you damage or lose the equipment while using it.

Renting is an affordable option for many businesses, especially if you don’t plan to use your boom lift for long periods of time. You can easily manage your rentals and accounts through the Equipment Depot app or online, allowing you to free up cash to invest in other areas of your business. To get started, find pre-screened local boom lift dealers in your area and request quotes now. You can even use XRefer to compare prices and availability from several different suppliers at once! Then, simply select the provider that’s right for your project. You can have peace of mind knowing you’re getting a fair deal from a trustworthy, established company with years of experience in the industry.

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