How to Navigate Antique Arms Auctions

Antique firearms, armor, and accessories have the unique power to ignite a passion in collectors, uniting them in a shared community of enthusiasts. Their beauty and historic significance are a testament to the advancements of weapons technology and manufacturing prowess throughout history. Antique arms auctions present a rare opportunity for discerning buyers to acquire and build a coveted collection. But navigating these events requires more than a keen interest in historic weapons; successful participation in antique arms auctions demands a strategic approach to the market and specialized expertise.

Richmond Arms Auctions offers a bespoke auction experience that redefines the traditional auction experience by offering high-quality audio and visual presentations of each lot. These presentations give bidders a comprehensive understanding of the history and condition of each item before they enter the auction room. The result is an immersive, educational experience that elevates the sale into something more than a transaction.

The upcoming auction features an exceptional selection of firearms, edged weapons and militaria from Europe, Asia and beyond. Highlights include an outstanding pair of Lehigh County antique flintlock Kentucky pistols built from tiger maple, featuring octagon barrels, punch-dot-decorated muzzle faces and engraved front sights. The duo, featured in multiple reference books and bearing the stamp of noted author Jim Dresslar, is estimated at $40,000-$80,000.

Other highlights from the sale include a silver-mounted American scalping knife engraved with a Federal Eagle motif that is believed to be the same one illustrated in “March to Massacre” by William H. Guthman. The sale also includes a highly chiseled pair of Italian snaphaunce antique flintlock carbine pistols and a cased English percussion pistol by Fenton London.

In the Asian section of the sale is a fine collection of Japanese swords, including two exceptional tsubas passed down from old provenance that dates to before World War I. A deluxe early kilij rifle in octagonal barrel and nephrite grip scales, attributed to the renowned Austrian maker Johannes Koenig, is another standout.

The upcoming sale from Australian Arms Auctions features a variety of historic arms and equipment, with an emphasis on military items. The highlights include a Korth semi-automatic pistol with serial number P018 built in 1988, featured in multiple reference books and with supportive ephemera; a pair of Lehigh County antique flintlock KY pistols with octagon barrels, brass triggers, furniture and engraved front sights, as well as a cased octagonal percussion pistol carbine by Fenton London. The sale will also feature a range of British medal bars, badges, uniforms and ephemera.

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