How to Select a Wallet Size Photo

There are a few different sizes of wallet-sized photos. If you’re unsure, you can try the Polaroid, 2×3 and Big Skinny. But if you’re like me, you’re not a fan of the size of these pictures, so we’ll discuss the Jumbo instead. Read on to learn the different sizes and how to choose the right one for you! Here are some tips for selecting a wallet-sized photo.


A 2×3 wallet size photo fits in most traditional leather wallets. While the size of the picture doesn’t matter, you should make sure it will fit in the wallet’s photo pocket. This size will also fit in most wallets, including the L-shaped, the World Bi-Fold, and the Big Skinny models. Listed below are some common wallet size photo sizes. You can find a wallet size photo online for the wallets that you own.

If you’d like to print a 2×3 wallet size picture, you can go to Walgreens Drugs or CVS Pharmacy. The price for a 2×3 wallet size print is only $0.99. You can order up to four of these prints, each of which is 2.5×3.5 inches. You can also order 4×4 wallet size photo frames. The wallet size photo frames are about half an inch square and areĀ wallet size photo available in many different sizes, such as 5×15 and 8×24.


If you have a Polaroid ZINK instant camera, you may have wondered if you can print your photos in a wallet size format. You can do this with the Wallet-Sized Leatherette Photo Album. This wallet-sized photo album contains 24 clear pages, and holds 48 Polaroid prints in plastic pockets. The pockets keep the prints dust-free. The pink cover is decoratively stitched with brass corner accents.

Wallet-size photos are available in 6 sizes, including square, rectangular, heart, and circle. They’re small enough to fit almost anywhere and are perfect for greeting cards, phone cases, and even small scrapbooks. They also make great collages. The benefits of a wallet-size photo are many. These photos are perfect for sharing with friends and family and can be used as gifts. To save money, you can get a pack of six wallet-size wallet-sized photos, which is equivalent to four 5×7 prints.

Big Skinny

Keeping a picture of a loved one in a wallet is a time-honored tradition. Not only does it help you share memories with those who are gone, it’s also a practical way to keep their spirit close. But, for most people, a wallet’s small space isn’t sufficient for a photo. If you’re one of those people, the Big Skinny wallet size photo insert is a convenient solution.

The trifold wallet insert from Big Skinny fits right into the middle pocket of a trifold wallet and has room for up to eight cards. The trifold wallet insert has four pages lined with clear plastic sleeves and can be opened and closed like a book. The Hipster Double-High Wallet Insert is even thinner, holding up to sixteen credit card-sized photos. It sits along the spine of the wallet, allowing you to carry a wallet that’s both convenient and sized for your child.


The size of a Jumbo wallet photo can be as large as four inches by six inches. A 4×6 inch glossy photo contains four identical 2×3-inch images. The size of a wallet is typically 2.5 by 3.5 inches. The picture should be about one-half inch bigger than the wallet size. The dimensions are also standard for the photo industry. A 4×6 wallet photo costs about 99 cents at Walgreens Drugs or CVS Pharmacies.

Most photo printers produce wallet-sized pictures that fit into standard wallets. However, printing decent images is not as simple as it sounds. The printed image may not look as good as the one you view online. Here are some tips to make your wallet photo look its best:

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