How to Use a Pokemon Go Search Filter

Pokemon Go players can use a number of search terms to filter out the results, narrowing them to a handful that match their requirements. For example, if you want to see all the Pokemon that know a specific move, just add @ to the front of the move name (for example, searching for “@scratch” will show you all the Pokemon that know the Fast Attack Scratch). You can also search by type combinations, such as @ground and @fire, or by Pokedex numbers, with “cp” being used in front to specify the CP value, and “hp” in front to search for HP values. You can even combine searches by partitioning them with commas, semicolons and colons, so you can do something like “cp###” to narrow your search for Pokemon with specific CP or HP levels.

There are a number of other search commands pokemon go search filter you can use to make your searches more precise, such as adding a comma or semicolon in front of a search term to narrow it down to the exact value you want (for example, “cp12, magikarp”). You can also add a dash before or after a number to search for Pokemon within that range. There is also a “not” operator, which can be useful for avoiding wasting time transferring Pokemon with low IVs that you don’t want to keep in your collection. For instance, the search command “!shiny” returns all Pokemon that are not shiny.

Other search terms include displaying Pokémon by their evolution stages, enabling you to easily see which of the Pokemon in your collection can be evolved. This can be useful when it comes to deciding which Pokemon you should transfer, as well as for finding new Pokémon to catch.

You can also search for Pokemon based on their gender, by typing either “male” or “female” into the search bar. This can be particularly useful if you want to see all the female Pokemon in your collection, or find out which male Pokemon have an evolution form that you can Mega Evolve.

In addition, you can search for Pokemon based on their star ratings, which are calculated by their individual values for attack, defence and HP (hit points). Using the search term “cp###” will return all the Pokemon with a specified CP value, while a hyphen in front of the number will search for Pokemon within that range.

Finally, you can search for Pokemon by their custom tags that a Trainer has applied to them. This can be useful for finding Pokemon with certain abilities, such as battling or healing, or for looking for rare items such as candy. To search for Pokemon with a tag, simply add the tag into the search bar with a colon in front of it. If you aren’t sure what tag to search for, try looking at a friend’s Pokedex or checking the official website for more information. You can even save your search threads by putting them in the “favourites” tab and re-using them later on.

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