InventHelp – How a Service For Small Innovators

InventHelpĀ  is a premier business patent consulting service. They offer patent legal assistance nationwide. InventHelp holds the largest network of local sales offices of any such company: 65+ cities across the country and Canada. InventHelp’s headquarters is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania since over thirty years. They now serve six states including California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, and Maryland. Their national network allows them to serve more customers than ever before.

Their goal through invention consulting is to create the best client-originated product ideas in the nation. They believe that invention lawyers should work as inventors first and patent attorneys second, so that their clients will be able to build an idea stronger and faster than if they had been granted the same patent themselves. Additionally, the inventors themselves often work as patent attorneys while working with InventHelp.

This is just one example of how inventors are not always the best people to turn to when building a business. Of course, they can present a strong idea that could really change the way things are done, but there are times when even an experienced inventor is not quite sure about whether it would hold up in a court of law. And, sometimes it’s a good idea to have an expert present during the patenting process to make sure that the invention stands up to the scrutiny of the courts. However, an inventor may not really be sure about whether or not the idea is truly novel or whether it should even be eligible for a patent. Having an expert on hand, makes sure that the courts look at the invention in a reasonable light, and that it fulfills all the necessary requirements to get filed with the proper paper and patent documentation.

By having an expert on hand, InventHelp ensures that there are no surprises along the way. If the invention turns out to be significantly different from what was originally envisioned, then it may be necessary to revise the patent in some way. This is where InventHelp comes in. They have an extensive library of patent documents covering all sorts of different inventions. Additionally, there are often supplementary articles available via InventHelp that discuss the original invention in more detail. This can certainly help to take things to the next level.

One other advantage is that they can provide the inventor with support after the patent has been granted. Patent attorneys are not immune to taking on well-known personalities. In fact, InventHelp’s patent attorneys have represented a number of very famous individuals. The support that InventHelp provides is often a great boon to someone that’s just starting out. After all, if you’re getting a patent, your first priority has to be making sure that you’re getting it approved, and getting the assistance of a great legal team that can make that happen.

Of course, InventHelp isn’t exclusively for inventors either. Small inventors can benefit from the information that is provided by the site as well. As hard as it may be to believe, there have actually been quite a few lawsuits that were launched because the plaintiff simply didn’t understand how the patent would apply to his or her product. InventHelp takes a variety of different approaches to protecting small inventors. These are often non-infringement approaches that seek to limit the damages that would be recovered if the patent being sought were found to be infringed. This is important for many different reasons, but perhaps the most important is simply to keep cases from becoming too costly for either the inventor or the party bringing suit.

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