Lines of Safety: Understanding Thermoplastic Pavement Markings

A school playground can be made to look bright and vibrant with colourful thermoplastic markings. These are a safe and effective way of improving the look of a playground as well as encouraging physical activity and learning. There are many different bespoke markings available, ranging from fun shapes and patterns to mazes, fitness trails and sports court lines. These are suitable for schools of all sizes and budgets.

Playground markings are generally more durable than traditional painted markings, and therefore should last longer and require less maintenance. They also have the advantage of not being affected by weather conditions, meaning that they can be used all year round. This helps to cut down on the need for regular repainting or reapplication, saving time and money.

Thermoplastic markings are designed to be hard-wearing and to help with the development of motor skills, balance and coordination. They can also encourage social interaction and creative play in pupils, boosting their confidence and happiness. As such, they make an excellent addition to any playground.

These playground markings are installed on a tarmac surface and are heated using specialist equipment to melt them onto the surface. The graphics are then left to cool before children can play on them. They are available in a wide variety of colours, bespoke designs and specifications so that they can be tailored to any school’s requirements.

The types of thermoplastic markings available for playgrounds include hopscotch, number grids and alphabet grids. These can be used to encourage learning in a fun and interactive manner, promoting key mathematical and literacy skills. They can also be used to create games that will encourage physical activity and help develop balance, coordination and motor skills. Other popular options include nature and wildlife themes, target games and feelings trails. These can be beneficial for children who may find it difficult to verbalise how they are feeling.

Besides being safer, these playground markings are also easier to install than paint. Unlike painted markings, which must be reapplied on a yearly basis, thermoplastics require very little maintenance and should last up to and over a decade. This can be a big advantage for schools as they will save a great deal of money in the long term.

A good thermoplastic playground markings contractor will be able to provide you with a high-quality service, at a competitive price. They will also be able to offer you a range of funding schemes, which can help cover the costs of the installation.

It is important to choose a contractor who has the necessary experience and equipment to install these playground markings. They should have a DBS check in place and be familiar with the tools and machinery required for this work. The right contractor can ensure that your new thermoplastic markings are of a high quality and meet the necessary safety standards.

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