Magical Math – A Book Review

Magical Math is a great way to teach math and engage children. It is a fun and exciting book that will help children develop a love for math and build their thinking skills. It also teaches parents the big picture of what an excellent early math education should look like, so they can encourage and support their children in their mathematical journey.

Math and Magical math have long been linked, from the Pythagorean association of the number 3 with mysticism to Lewis Carroll’s fascination with all kinds of tricks and puzzles (many of which were used by conjurers) in his books Alice in Wonderland and The Mirror Maze. Today, mathemagicians use their knowledge of patterns and numbers to astonish friends, family and colleagues with mind-bending card tricks like ‘The movement control charm and the mathematics of vectors’ and ‘Fibonacci’s lightning calculation’.

But these are just the tip of a very magical iceberg. In this book, the authors reveal many more fun, easy to perform magic tricks and then show readers how to make them using everyday objects. They take us through a range of ideas that will amaze students, from paper clips leaping and linking together when a dollar bill is snapped to the amazing properties of a Mobius strip, showing the magic that lies beneath the surface of seemingly mundane things.

Suitable for classes 6-8, this book contains plenty of worked examples to help students understand the concepts covered. It is accompanied by activities to apply what they have learned, as well as HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions and ‘Things to Remember’ sections. Each chapter is rounded off with a Maths Lab activity and an ‘Even More’ section which provides additional information about the topic.

One of the best features of this book is that the levels are easily adjustable, so it can be used by different age groups or abilities. This is an important aspect of the app, as it ensures that kids can practise maths at their own level. In addition, a great feature is that children can earn stars for each correct answer. This gives them motivation to keep trying until they get a five star rating.

Math Magic is a fun, interactive app that uses a combination of your child’s choice of vibrant colours and a simple interface to encourage learning maths between the ages of 3 and 8. Each time a problem is solved successfully, a real voice expresses appreciation and five successful answers will result in a colorful star being awarded. The app is free to download and a great way for children to learn the fundamentals of multiplication, division and time. It is ideal for car journeys, waiting times and playtime and is highly recommended by the developers. The app is available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. You can find out more about the app on their website.

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