Reasons to Move to Morgantown, WV

Morgantown is home to West Virginia University, which employs thousands of people and brings in a lot of money. But that’s not the only reason to move here: there’s also a strong sense of community in Morgantown and plenty of social opportunities for those who enjoy the outdoors. For example, you can spend time at White Park, take a hike on the Caperton Trail, or go boating on Cheat Lake. And if you have a pet, you can let them run around at Stanley’s Spot Dog Park.

The city’s affordable cost of living is another draw for those looking to relocate from other areas of the country. Property taxes are lower here, and so is the cost of groceries, utilities, and transportation. It’s also easier to find a job in Morgantown than in many other cities. And if you’re a student, moving to Morgantown will save you big on tuition fees at West Virginia University.

Affordability is also a big selling point for retirees who want to move to Morgantown from other states or countries. The median age here is 60, making it a great place to start your golden years. Plus, you can live within a short drive of the airport and many shopping centers.

Although Morgantown’s economy is improving, it still has a long way to go when it comes to high-paying professional jobs. The average salary here is $44,500, which is below the national average. But if you have a degree, you can find plenty of good-paying positions here, including positions at WVU and private companies like Swanson Industries, Urgent Care Holdings, and Gabriel Brothers.

If you’re a business owner, you can get started with a number of startups in the area. For example, entrepreneur and real estate developer David Claudio has been instrumental in revitalizing the area’s retail and commercial real estate. His company, Metro Properties, owns over 25 apartment and townhome complexes in the city. Plus, he’s responsible for block-worth redevelopment projects, such as the Star City Mall.

The city has a lot to offer, from a diverse selection of restaurants to the arts scene and many parks and trails. But it’s the people who make Morgantown a special place to live. Danielle Walker, a Louisiana transplant turned West Virginia devotee, is a perfect example. She’s passionate, energetic, and tenacious—a force to be reckoned with in the state House of Delegates. She’s not afraid to cause a ruckus in pursuit of her goals, whether at the State Capitol or on the streets of her district.

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