Rocky Mountaineer Train Trips

During a Rocky Mountaineer train trip, you will be able to see breathtaking landscapes and incredible wildlife. You will also get to experience the local culture. The train has a team of dedicated and knowledgeable hosts who will tell you interesting stories about the area. The train also offers gourmet meals, top-notch service, and unique glass domes for panoramic views.

Rocky Mountaineer is a Canadian rail-tour company based in Vancouver. It operates four luxury scenic train routes in British Columbia, Alberta, and Colorado. Known for its eco-friendly initiatives and commitment to sustainable development, the company strives to reduce its carbon footprint. It also works with organizations that help protect wildlife, and partners with communities and organizations that share its values.

The Rocky Mountaineer trains travel from Vancouver to Banff, Lake Louise, Kamloops, and Whistler. These trips are two to three days long and include a stay in a hotel in each destination. Guests can choose from several itineraries, including two-day Circle Journeys and one-day Adventure and Culinary Packages. The packages include activities such as a zodiac boat ride to explore glaciers, a food tour, and more.

While on a Rocky Mountaineer train trip, your hosts will give you plenty of warning when a point of interest is approaching. You may see an osprey, moose, or even a magical waterfall. You’ll also get to enjoy the beautiful scenery from the open air viewing platform. You can also walk out the back of the railcar to take in some fresh air. You can even sit down at the dining table with your friends.

Rocky Mountaineer has been voted the best train experience in the world by Conde Nast. It also has received a World Travel Award. The train is environmentally friendly, too. It has planted more than 13,000 trees to help preserve the natural environment. It has also taken steps to reduce its carbon footprint by facilitating fewer cars on the road. The company also partners with organizations that work to promote local culture and honor the area’s heritage.

Rocky Mountaineer train trips are also ideal for multi-generational groups. Your group will have plenty of space, including oversized windows and carriage seats. You can also enjoy the buffet dinner, drinks, and snacks provided onboard. You may also choose to stay overnight in a small town. Rocky Mountaineer can also provide helicopter tours of the Rockies. The company takes great care to ensure that each guest has a unique experience.

The Rocky Mountaineer train only travels during daylight hours, which means you won’t have to worry about hiking. You can also enjoy five-star dining. You’ll also be able to see some of the most stunning scenery in the world. You may also see glacier-fed rivers and rushing rapids. You’ll get to see snow-capped mountains, as well as landscapes that are framed by beautiful glass domes.

The Rocky Mountaineer is a great way to travel between different parts of the Rockies. You can also take advantage of its Adventure and Culinary Packages, which include activities like a zodiac boat ride to explore the glaciers, a food tour, and a tour of a local winery.

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