The Biggest Natural Bodybuilder in the World

biggest natural bodybuilder

If you’ve ever wondered who the biggest natural bodybuilder is, you’ve come to the right place. Ryan Terry is a natural bodybuilder sponsored by the clothing brand GymShark and the supplement company USN. Ryan is also a winner of the 2017 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique Championship and is featured in a sponsorship deal with GymShark alongside bodybuilding legends such as Sadik Hadzovic. The best way to describe his bodybuilding success is to ask yourself who you’ve seen on TV or on the internet.

Sadik Hadzovic

The world has been in awe of the natural bodybuilders¬† biggest natural bodybuilderof recent years, including Sadik Hadzovic. At only 5’11” and 194 pounds, Sadik is still the biggest natural bodybuilder in the world. Compared to Serge Nubret, who was 6’2″ and weighed between 200 and 217 pounds in contest condition, Sadik’s stats are remarkably similar. His natural bodybuilder physique is a testament to the fact that genetics and hard work are more important than steroids.

Donte Franklin

Donte Franklin is an Instagrammer who has thousands of followers. The 30-year-old bodybuilder lives in Missouri, USA, and boasts an impressive physique. He posts videos of his workout routine and shares his diet plan. Franklin is 6 feet tall and weighs 226 pounds. His routine is very strict, but few people can match his dedication to his work out. You can follow his diet plan and workout video to stay fit.


Jeremy McMillan has been a big deal in bodybuilding. Before he decided to become a professional, he served in the U.S. Army and went to Iraq, where he developed a love for bodybuilding. After he returned to the United States, he began training more intensely than ever and focused on bodybuilding. He started competing in bodybuilding events in 2007 and his results quickly soared.

Connor Murphy

Connor Murphy is a fitness trainer and bodybuilder. He’s competed in various bodybuilding competitions and owns a fitness brand called Adonyx. A Christian, Murphy was born in Austin, Texas. Despite the attention he gets, Murphy is a humble person who doesn’t want to boast about himself. While Murphy was always humble and never made a big deal out of his appearance, his success is proof that he isn’t the most talented bodybuilder out there.

Mike Thurston

If you are looking for an inspiration to start building your muscles, Mike Thurston might be the man for you. His chiseled physique and massive muscle mass have made him an icon in the bodybuilding world. His strength and physique are mind-boggling, and many have longed to have his physique. However, some critics doubt that he achieved his muscles naturally. Here are 5 facts about Mike Thurston.

Steve Cook

While many natural bodybuilders don’t look impressive when they’re covered up, Steve Cook certainly does. The GymShark crew recently featured him in a video along with David Laid. While most natural bodybuilders aren’t covered up, Cook’s bulging biceps make his workout videos look impressive. Moreover, while many men’s Physique guys get flack for wearing board shorts and having “chicken legs,” Cook has tree trunk legs.


Anton was raised an atheist and took up a number of sports. His father, a fitness enthusiast, encouraged him to do pushups, pullups, and sit-ups as early as he was old enough. His diet was also a bit poor, but he pushed himself to improve his physique every day. Eventually, he won a number of competitions and landed a three-year contract with Boss Models. He then decided to enter physique competitions.

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