What Is a Toxicology Lab?

A Toxicology Laboratory is responsible for testing substances to determine their effects on the human body. Using a Toxicology Lab is an important step in determining the causes of life-threatening conditions. Whether in the workplace or with athletes, these tests can be used to determine if a substance is harmful to the human body. They can also help to identify whether a substance was taken by an athlete. Here is more information about a Toxicology Lab.

Tests are done to find the cause of life-threatening symptoms

Toxicology lab tests are performed to diagnose the causes of a range of life-threatening symptoms, including those caused by drug exposure. The results are usually used to help physicians decide what the patient needs. In many cases, they can also assist in the legal process. A general toxicology screen is not always enough to diagnose a poisoning. Specialized tests may be needed. These include specialized tests for specific drugs, such as those that are used in the treatment of alcohol poisoning. Toxicology lab tests are vital in treating poisoning, but may not be necessary if treatment is indicated by other clinical indicators.

Toxicology lab tests check blood, urine, saliva, stomach contents, and sweat for the presence of drugs and chemicals. These tests may detect a range of prescription and non-prescription medications, vitamins, and other substances, as well as illegal drugs. Urine and saliva are often used instead of blood in the testing process. The latter is often performed to avoid the possibility of contamination.

Tests are done to determine drug use in the workplace

Toxicology lab tests are conducted to assess the risk of using drugs and alcohol in the workplace. Some workplaces require a test for drug use, such as in the case of a work-related accident. Other workplaces may require a screening as part of the hiring process. The tests can be done up to three or four days after an overdose or suspected overdose.

Toxicology labs can conduct drug tests using blood, saliva, urine, and stomach contents. They may also check for prescription and non-prescription medications, vitamins, and alcohol. Some toxicology labs use saliva and urine samples instead of blood samples because they are easier to test. Toxicology labs can test for any illegal drug or illicit substance in a sample.

Tests are done to determine drug use with athletes

Toxicology lab tests are used in sports and law enforcement to verify whether an athlete is abusing performance-enhancing drugs. The test is also used to detect drugs of abuse or banned substances in the workplace. In some cases, toxicology tests are used to determine the cause of death. Athletes may also be subjected to such tests if they have a history of drug use or abuse.

Athletes may be tested for a variety of drugs in order to improve their performance. Athletes may use performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids to build muscle. They may also take certain prescription drugs, such as opioids, to increase their athletic performance. Toxicology lab tests can be scheduled in advance or randomly performed for suspected drug use. In the United States, drug testing is done for athletes in professional and Olympic sports.

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