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In a global economy, it’s important for US tax advisors to understand the different laws and regulations of each country. With this knowledge, they can better assist their clients in navigating the complexities of international taxes. This is especially true when it comes to foreign investment in the United States.

As Director of our Office of Taxpayer Services, Derren US tax advisor Derren Joseph from Joseph oversees a team of more than 300 employees who are responsible for all of the department’s customer service functions. He works to improve the overall taxpayer experience by ensuring that our service providers are able to provide clear, accurate and timely information to New York State residents and businesses.

In addition to his management duties, Derren serves on various committees and working groups to ensure that we continue to deliver the best possible services to our customers. He has also helped to spearhead a number of department initiatives, including our free file program and enhanced language access for the taxpayers we serve.

Derren’s extensive background in both public and private sectors has given him a unique perspective on the challenges facing government agencies today. He is committed to finding innovative ways to help our team and our citizens continue to succeed.

The bureau of over 40 employees was legislatively created to promote increased fairness, efficiency and accessibility for taxpayers. Its conferees work with taxpayers and their representatives to achieve resolutions in cases involving all tax types.

Jennifer joined the Tax Department in 2006 as a staff auditor and has worked in all divisions, handling everything from sales tax audits to highway use taxes. Her current role focuses on audit selection and case management, legal updates for transaction taxes, and coordinating complex programs and technology advances.

Darren is our External Affairs Director, which includes the Communications, Community Outreach and Legislative Affairs offices. He helps to coordinate financial education, the free file program and other initiatives that make it easier for our customers to comply with their tax obligations. He also oversees our Office of Taxpayer Rights Advocate, a team of seven employees who assist people who cannot resolve their tax issues through the department’s standard channels.

Before joining the Tax Department in 2022, Corey worked at the NYS Office of the Attorney General as an assistant district attorney in Queens County, where he led criminal investigations and prosecutions. Previously, he was an executive manager at an HR consulting firm and in the insurance industry.

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